Episode 2

Homeschooling in a Campervan with Jen Taylor

Published on: 27th January, 2021

In the 2013/2014 academic year, Jen Taylor and her husband Neil, sons Adam (15), Matt (13) and daughter Katie (9) travelled around Europe in a campervan. In this podcast, Jen explains the reasons for their trip, what they all learned, the obstacles they overcame and how they managed on a daily travel budget of €10 per head.

They blogged about their trip here: travelteachtalk.com/travel

And in this post, Jen explains how they budgeted €50 per day for a family of five: travelteachtalk.com/how-dumb-is-a-travel-budget-of-10-e-a-day

Finally, these are the role models Jen mentioned at the end of our conversation: www.losbalcones.com/quienes-somos

Note: Jen's interview starts at 17 minutes. Before that, Helen and Maribel have a conversation about the 'fall' of humankind, the rise of the ego and the root causes of the climate crisis, based on the book The Fall by Steve Taylor. The other book mentioned in this episode is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.


Music: Pablito's Way by Paolo Pavan

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