Episode 4

Cool Coworking Spaces with Cecilia Chiolerio

Published on: 24th February, 2021

Cecilia Chiolerio is the co-founder of Two Stay, a company that provides low cost, flexible coworking spaces in major European cities. By utilising cafés, bars and restaurants which are not usually open for business during the day, Two Stay offers professionals a quiet yet welcoming and collaborative place to do their work.

In this podcast, Cecilia explains 

  • where the idea of using existing empty spaces for coworking came from, and how she refined the concept over time
  • the importance of shipping your product before it’s 'ready' and of creating value for all stakeholders
  • how she aligns her business with her values and what keeps her motivated
  • how she deals with self-doubt and black days, and how having a mentor has been a game changer
  • what the coronavirus pandemic taught her about coworking needs.

Find out more about Two Stay at twostay.work


Note: Cecilia’s interview starts at 14 minutes. Before that, Maribel and Helen have a conversation about internet carbon footprint, based around the subject of this blog post.

Music: Pablito's Way by Paolo Pavan

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